Upcoming Projects

  1. New World China Land, Shenyang New World Garden (New World The Masterpiece Crescent), Model House, Shenyang, China
  2. New World China Land, Sale Office, Club House, Public Area and Show Flat, Shenyang, China
  3. China Resources Land (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., The Bound Of Mukden, Club House, Shenyang, China
  4. China Resources Land (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., Park View Manor, Show Flat and Public Area, Shenyang, China
  5. New World China Land (Anshan), New World-The Grandiose, Show Flat, Anshan, China
  6. New World China Land (Anshan), New World Park View Terrace, Show Flat, Anshan, China
  7. Dalian HuaPuZhiYe, Dalian Kaisa Plaza, Apartment Show Flat, Entrance Lobby and Lift Car, Dalian, China
  8. New World China Land, Dalian New World Tower (The Pinnacle Apartment Phase II), Club House, Show Flat, Public Area, Lift Lobby and Lift Car, Dalian, China
  9. Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Urban Construction Honor Town, Sales Office and Show Flat, Beijing, China
  10. New World Development Company Limited, Shadow Greek, Show Flat, Beijing, China
  11. Yanlord Land Group, Yanlord Riviera, Show Flat, Tianjin, China
  12. Gold Tai Yuen Group, YuLong Mansion, Show Flat, Shanghai, China
  13. Shanghai HongLi Construction Co., Ltd., PuFaYuYuan, Show Flat, Shanghai, China
  14. HuaLong Real Estate, HuaLong ZiJinQiHao Club, Club House, Jiangsu, China
  15. Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Limited, LiYangWangHuLing, Club House, Liyang, China
  16. Sincere Group, Electric Tech-park, Investment Center, Wuxi, China
  17. Wuxi Longfor Real Estate Co., Ltd., Sale Office, Wuxi, China
  18. Beijing North Star Company Limited, Changsha Delta Project, Public Area and Show Flat, Changsha, China
  19. Terra Real Estate Co., LTD. Chengdu, Times, Show Flat and Lobby, Chengdu, China
  20. Chengdu Forte Land Co., Ltd., Hexindao, Show Flat, Chengdu, China
  21. Leading Group, Club House and Show Flat, Chengdu, China
  22. La Cadiere Estates Group Co.,Ltd, MMS, Landscape Design, Chengdu, China
  23. La Cadiere Estates Group Co.,Ltd, La Cadiere (Phase III), Show Flat, Chengdu, China
  24. La Cadiere Estates Group Co.,Ltd, La Cadiere (Phase IV), Landscape Design, Chengdu, China
  25. Sincere Group, Citension, Show Flat, Chongqing, China
  26. China Vanke Co., Ltd., Chongqing, Vanke City, Club House, Chongqing, China
  27. Tonker Mingfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Consulate Apartment No.1, Show Flat and Lift Lobby, Guangzhou, China.
  28. Shine Vision Investments Limited, Optic Master, Retail Design, Shenzhen, China
  29. Times Property, Times King City (QingYuan), Sale Office and Club House, Qingyuan, China
  30. Hainan XinJia Traveling Development Co., Ltd., DiaoYuTai MGM Apartment, Show Flat and Lobby, Sanya, China
  31. Yanlord Land Group, Show Flat, Tangshan, China
  32. Yufu Group, Rich Health City, Show Flat, Jinjiang, China
  33. Yufu Group, Rich Health City, Yufu Group Building, Jinjiang, China
  34. Leading Group, Lobby and Show Flat, Xinjiang, China
  35. Leading Group, Show Flat, Leshan, China
  36. Boffi Kitchen & Sanitary Ware Flagship Store, Hong Kong