The Garden Hotel, Guangzhou
- Health Club
- Penthouse Revolving Restaurant
- Executive Floor
- Elite Floor
  Fontainebleau Hotel, Nanhai
- Resort Hotel
- International Convention Centre
- Fontainebleau Villas
  Plaza Hotel, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  New World Garden Club House, Shenyang
  New World Club House, Haikou, Hainan
  New World Golden Lake Garden, Guangzhou
  New World Manhattan Tower Club, Dalian
  New World Garden Club House, Weizhou
  New World Garden Club House, Shentong
  Shimao Riviera Garden, Club House No.2, Shanghai
  Shimao Riviera Garden, Club House, Nanjing
  The Peninsula Club House, Chengdu
  Lido Club, Wuhan
  The Paragon Residential Club, Tai Po, H.K.

  New World Riverside Villa, Er Sha Island, Guangzhou
  New World Garden, Shenyang
  New World Garden, Fong Chun
  New World Lingal Garden, Beijing
  New World Garden, Shenyang
  New World Manhattan Tower, Dalian
  office and residential lobby
  model homes
  The Peninsula, Chengdu
  Villa Costa, Tai Po, H.K.
  Deer hill Bay, Tai Po, H.K.
  Horizon Plaza, Hung Hom, H.K.
  Lido Villas, Wuhan
  Vanke Shenzhen real estate development
  Vanke Chengdu real estate development

  Shanghai House Shanghai Restaurant
  Shanghai House Shanghai Restaurant
  Ichikawa Japanese Restaurant, Pacific place
  Ichikawa Japanese Restaurant, City Plaza
  Restaurante Platao, Macau
  Peking Garden Restaurant, Star House, H.K.
  Peking Garden Restaurant, City Plaza, H.K.
  Beijing Restaurant, Shatin, H.K.

  Nanhai City Tax & Resources Building
  Daching Enterprises Ltd, IFC 2, Hong Kong
  Xiamen Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. Office Tower, Xiamen
  Early Light International (Holdings) Ltd. Office, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong
  Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. Office, Dongjun Plaza, Guangzhou
  RHK (Group) Co., Ltd., Office Tower, Wuhan
  RHK (Group) Co., Ltd.
  Wesco Polymers Ltd.
  Fancel House Hong Kong office
  Chi Capital Securities Limited, offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong

  Anterra, Ocean Terminal
  Anterra, Ruttonjee Centre
  Ligne Roset, Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley
  Anterra Living, Wong Nei Chung Road, Happy Valley
  Anterra, Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley
  Fancel House, Various Branch


  Penthouse, Estoril Court, Central,HK
  Hung Kiu Lane, Kau To Shan, Shantin, HK
  11 Silver Crest Road, Clear Water Bay, HK
  Casa Loma, Silver Crest Road, Clear Water Bay, HK
  Duplex Apartment, Trigunzer Tower, Central, HK
  Penthouse, Mayfair, May Road, Central, HK
  Sunshine Villa, Mount Kellet, The Peak, HK
  Ovethorpe, Mount Austin, The Peak, HK
  Plantation Road, The Peak, HK
  Clovelly Court, May Road, Central, HK
  La Hacienta, Mount Kellet, The Peak, HK
  Deer Hill Villa, Tai Po, HK
  Copper Road, Jardine Lookout, HK
  Double Bay, Deep Water Bay, HK

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