Thomas Chan Designs Limited was founded by Thomas Chan Kin-Chung in 1987 in Hong Kong. The firm is considered one of the leading interior design firms in Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China. With his Hong Kong trained background, Chan has successfully led his team of talented professionals in achieving an international standard of interior design works. In the past years, TCDL has designed more than five hundred local and overseas interior projects. With much publication of projects in the local and overseas magazines, and the publishment of Thomas Chan's first book of interior design íV 'Thomas Chan Interiors' in the year 2000, TCDL has gained high recognition both inside the design industry and the public at large.

Based in Hong Kong, TCDL has launched its design campaigns across the People's Republic of China since 1995. With projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shengyung, Haikou, Dailin, Nanhai, Xiamen and Quangzou, TCDL has completed many designs on local private residences, model sample homes, offices, clubhouses and luxury hotels.

TCDL is renowned for its impeccable modernistic style. The originality of designs, refined detailing, imaginative arrangement of lighting, precise space planning and innovative application of mixed materials, all are hallmarks of Chan's signature designs of unique and elegant interiors.

With a passion for beauty, the design philosophy of TCDL is to create timeless and unprecedented interior space íV a space that is at once aesthetical, functional and comfortable to work or live in.

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